YouX Services


Every YouX story needs a beginning. UEVision starts your products story by engaging in the following steps:
  • Product requirements review
  • User research and interviews
  • Competitive analysis and landscape review
  • User story and usage scenario creation
  • UX Strategy and Definition
When the first act of your YouX Story is complete, you and your team will have the strategy and blueprint to drive into the crucial second act: Design.


Using the best of user-centered design and branding practices, during Act II: Design, UEVision designs the perfect user experience for your product and brand by engaging in the following steps:
  • UI conceptual model design
  • Detailed UI designs, wireframes, and flow design
  • Visual design and graphics creation
  • User feedback and validation sessions (iterative)
When YouX Story design is ready, there’s only one more act before you complete your amazing YouX Story: Delivery.


In the final act of your YouX Story, UEVision delivers all the designs, elements, and assets your team needs to make your story a reality, including:
  • Front-end deliverables, including HTML templates, CSS, and graphics
  • Usability testing and validation
  • UI development support
  • Style Guidelines and Documentation